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Attorney Zhao Liangbo, deputy chief lawyer of Litigation Department of JoinWay, graduated from the Department of International Economic Law of East China University of Politics and Law.


Attorney Zhao has a solid legal foundation and attaches importance to theoretical research in Civil and Commercial Law. Attorney Zhao has rich experience and an ability to solve problems in real estate sales, real estate agents, house lease (investment attraction and operation of plaza), and property management. Based on his several years’ practicing, the contracts such as the supplemental terms of “real estate sale contract", "sales agency contract", "lease contract" and "property management contract" drafted by him are used by many enterprises as their samples. He has been providing legal counsel services to many famous enterprises at home and abroad since he became an attorney. His main target clients include real estate development companies, real estate agencies, shopping mall (plaza) management companies and property management companies.


Attorney Zhao Liangbo, as the deputy chief lawyer of Litigation Department, has strong knowledge in litigation. With his solid legal foundationspecial ideas of case handling and the principle of “detail is the key to success”, “worried about the clients’ worry, concerned about the clients’ concern”, Attorney Zhao always does everything he can to seek the best interests of his clients.


Under the lead of Attorney Zhao, the works of “The Solution of House Lease Problems in Shanghai” has been finished.

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