Established in 1995, JoinWay Law Firm is a large-scale comprehensive partnership law office. Since its establishment, JoinWay has developed characteristic specialties in the service fields of real estate, engineering & construction, foreign investment, financial insurance, corporate issues, and intellectual property, to name but a few. Over the years JoinWay has accumulated abundant service experience in the aforementioned fields, and has been afforded great social recognition for their accomplishments. On a number of occasions JoinWay has been awarded the title of ¡®Civilized Unit¡¯ by Shanghai Municipal Government, and has additionally been appraised and chosen to be the Advanced Unit in the judicial system numerous times. Furthermore, JoinWay has been afforded the honors of being named one of the Top Ten Law Firms in Shanghai, Construction Law Firm of the Year, Real Estate Law Firm of the Year by The ALB CHINA (Asian Legal Business) and was named by the Construction Times as an Outstanding Law Firm in the Service of Engineering and Construction in 2009.

The headquarters of JoinWay is located in Shanghai, with further branches in the cities of Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing. JoinWay strives for constant enhancement in their fields of legal specialty, encourages team building, and insists upon the maintenance & perfection of a management system built upon the concept of mutual assistance within the firm. Through this, JoinWay is able to provide professional, dependable and efficient legal services to their clients. Within JoinWay, the following institutions and commissions have been established---- Business Promotion Center, Market Development Center, Operation Management Center, Risk Control Commission and Expert Commission. The Business Promotion Center is constituted of the Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Corporation, Finance & Bond, Intellectual Property and Suit & Arbitration departments. JoinWay¡¯s main service fields involve the obtainment of land-use rights, property development & assignment, the leasing & sale of commercial apartments, land expropriation, engineering & construction matters, infrastructure development, the listing, reformation, restructuring, merger & acquisition of companies, as well as cross-border investment, financing and overseas listings. The latter category includes elements of banking, insurance, trusts, funding, commercial chains, brand introduction & protection, intellectual property and electronic commerce, referring to all fields of civil and commercial law.

JoinWay has more than 30 partners and employs in excess of one hundred lawyers. Most JoinWay lawyers are graduates of well-known universities of colleges both within China and overseas. JoinWay¡¯s professional legal team is composed by lawyers with varying backgrounds, including a wealth of experience in working within the court system, for arbitration commission, government departments, colleges, financial institutions, legal research institutions, and as professors & researchers within legal research establishments. Present JoinWay lawyers also serve as the current Arbitrator, and the Purchasing Evaluation expert for the government.

JoinWay has established the Law Research institution, Expert institution, training institution, and also the external communication platform. The Law Research Center regularly publishes the JoinWay magazine, JoinWay Legal Eye and an e-news publication named JoinWay Newsletter. The Expert Committee of JoinWay is consisted by the experienced partners and external experts, whose duty is to discuss or deliberate on challenging cases and legal problems. In conjunction with the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, JoinWay also has launched the Forum of China Real Estate Legal Practice, which affords JoinWay the opportunity to engage in beneficial interactions with representatives from the real estate industry, legal associates and experts. To date, the China Real Estate has produced 5 publication volumes. JoinWay provides for the JoinWay Scholarship at Fudan University, and further supports the JoinWay Law Culture Week at the East China University of Political Science and Law. JoinWay also regularly welcomes the students of foreign law colleges, who come to the Shanghai office to undertake legal internship placements.

JoinWay maintains excellent channels of communication and an effective collaborative relationship with legal colleges, legal research institutions, legal departments relating to accounting, auditing, pricing, taxation & evaluation, as well as other intermediary organs. JoinWay often participates in the development, assessment and application of local legislation, through the provision of professional legal advice.

JoinWay has an established history of long-term cooperation with many large-scale international law offices in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore, thus facilitating JoinWay¡¯s provision of exceptional quality legal service on a global scale.

The development of JoinWay as a firm is characterized by an enduring sense of determination, allowing the firm to forge a reliable service that is ¡°professional, efficient and creative¡±.

JoinWay Law Firm

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